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Modèle:Heavily used template

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Note: this templates is used on very many pages. To keep edits to a minimum, please discussed proposed changes on the talk page first.

  • Keep in mind that editing a template causes all pages that use the template to be re-rendered. If the template is used often, this can cause a lot of load on the servers.
  • Keep in mind that templates that are used on image description pages also show up on other wikis. Changing such templates can effect a lot of pages on dozens if not hundreds of projects.
  • Highly used templates may be protected to prevent prominent vandalism and unnecessary edits. If this is the case, ask an administrator to apply the changes that you have proposed on the talk page, for example by asking at Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/Attention

This templates is intended to be placed in the noinclude sections of highly used templates and/or on their talk pages.