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** {{tl|PD-user-ru}} - Russian Wikipedia project.
** {{tl|PD-user-ru}} - Russian Wikipedia project.
** {{tl|PD-user-sk}} - Slovak Wikipedia project.
** {{tl|PD-user-sk}} - Slovak Wikipedia project.
** {{tl|PD-user-th}} - Thai Wikipedia project.

Version du 29 octobre 2007 à 03:12

Public domain This image has been (or is hereby) released into the public domain by its author, Example at the English Wikipedia project. This applies worldwide.

In case this is not legally possible:
Example grants anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

  • Use this template:
    1. with three parameters: {{PD-user-w|projectcode|projectname|username}}, for example {{PD-user-w|en|English Wikipedia|Foo}} or {{PD-user-w|wiktionary:de|German Wiktionary|Quux}}.
    2. with four parameters: {{PD-user-w|projectcode|projectname|username|real name}}, for example {{PD-user-w|en|English Wikipedia|Foo|Johnathan Doe-Bar}} or {{PD-user-w|wiktionary:de|German Wiktionary|Quux|Carla Drall}}.
  • Read how to use this tag
  • The images tagged whith this template are categorized in Category:PD-user
  • For images released by people outside wikimedia projects you can use {{PD-author|name}}.
  • There are templates for images released by users from various languages of Wikipedia: