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Public domain This image has been (or is hereby) released into the public domain by its author, [[:{{{1}}}:User:{{{3}}}|{{{3}}}]] at the [[:{{{1}}}:|{{{2}}}]] project. This applies worldwide.

In case this is not legally possible:
[[:{{{1}}}:User:{{{3}}}|{{{3}}}]] grants anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

  • Use this template with three parameters: {{PD-user-w|projectcode|projectname|username}}, for example {{PD-user-w|en|English Wikipedia|Foo}} or {{PD-user-w|wiktionary:de|German Wiktionary|Quux}}. Read how to use this tag
  • The images tagged whith this template are categorized in Category:PD-user
  • For images released by people outside wikimedia projects you can use {{PD-author|name}}.
  • There are templates for images released by users from various languages of Wikipedia:
    • {{PD-user-ca}} - Catalan Wikipedia project.
    • PD-user-en - English Wikipedia project.
    • PD-user-fr - French Wikipedia project.
    • PD-user-he - Hebrew Wikipedia project.
    • PD-user-hi - Hindi Wikipedia project.
    • PD-user-lt - lietuvišką Vikipediją project.
    • PD-user-pl - Polish Wikipedia project.
    • PD-user-pt - Português Wikipedia project.
    • PD-user-ru - Russian Wikipedia project.